kind words from my clients
kind words from my clients
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Timéa helped me though a very difficult second breastfeeding experience.

It took my daughter and I weeks to get breastfeeding established, I had 3 bouts of mastitis, took 5 weeks’ worth of antibiotics, and had one very painful experience with thrush. Every time I saw Timéa, she had solid, practical, extremely knowledgeable advice to impart.

The last visit in particular was pretty much life changing – with one wise recommendation to change positioning, I went from the kind of painful breastfeeding that makes you want to give up, to enjoying every minute of feeding my baby! From there on out, everything was bliss. Timéa is an incredible resource and support. I am so grateful to her for helping me through such a challenging time in our breastfeeding relationship. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Rosalee LH.

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I am pleased with Timéa’s help in breastfeeding. Although we live in a different province, she was able to Skype with my husband and me to guide us through attaining a deep and correct latch.

Although I knew most of the mechanics to achieving a good latch, she was able to point out how to improve it further (to reduce upper gas and spit ups in our baby) so our baby would learn to go for a good latch on his own. This enabled us to explore different breastfeeding positions later on.

We can now identify when he is drinking vs. nibbling, when to use compression, and how to help our baby be a happy and comfortable nurser!

Cassie H.

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“Timéa is great with babies, and very passionate about what she does. I found her very helpful, and knowledgeable with lots of great tips for the perfect latch. I probably would have given up on breastfeeding if it wasn’t for her.

She gave me hope and showed me that I can feed my child with breastfeeding which was very important to me. She uses a very natural, organic way with the babies. She is very focused on having a content baby and making sure they baby gets their proper nutrients while feeding. She also helped me understand the babies cues and to understand what the baby wants and needs. I am very grateful for her to help myself and baby with breastfeeding.”

Krysten L.

breastfeeding support light as a feather

Timéa was a life saver! My husband and I contacted her right after having my daughter for assistance with breastfeeding.

I was overwhelmed and emotional and Timéa was very empathetic and knew exactly the right things to say and do. She responded right away to texts and phone calls and answered any questions we had. She was also available right away when we needed her to come to the house. We are so grateful that we found her and would strongly recommend her!

My daughter is now 11 months, still breastfeeding and having no difficulties. Thank you Timéa for everything!

Teresa K.

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“We had a wonderful experience with Timéa as our lactation consultant. She was and continues to be an incredible support throughout our breastfeeding journey. Everything from her home visits to our to her text/phone/email support has been  informative, helpful and everything my husband and I were looking for.

Timéa is always available and willing to answer any questions we have had and made us feel so comfortable with the overall experience. She goes the extra mile and encouraged us to listen to our baby and her needs, not only with the feeding but with her in general.

I am very grateful to have Timéa as a support and can’t thank her enough for always helping us out in any way she can!”

Natasha S.

“After I delivered my first baby, we (mom and baby) were able to form a team right away to make breastfeeding successful; he was growing and gaining weight beautifully. I thought I must be a pro! A year an a half later my second one was born. By the time she was 3 weeks, she was hardly gaining any weight. I was devastated and in tears.

We were referred to Timéa by our doula, and I can’t thank them both enough! Timéa came as soon as she could, didn’t let us wait long. During her visits, she watched how I breastfed my baby and instructed me on the best methods to latch, gave me tips on tandem breastfeeding that make it safe, and taught me things I didn’t know as a mom.

She is a very knowledgeable, wise, and a very good lady. I’m so happy to have used her services and to have met her, and I would highly recommend her to whoever finds themselves in the same position. My only regret is that I didn’t call Timéa even earlier, but all is well that ends well! Our daughter is growing beautifully. Thank you very much Timéa for all your help and time with saving our precious little girl!”

Asma A.