Breastfeeding — the natural way to feed your baby that often doesn't come naturally
Breastfeeding — the natural way to feed your baby that often doesn't come naturally

Believe me when I say you’re not alone with your breastfeeding challenges.

You may be feeling like you’re the only mother in the world experiencing this, but that simply isn’t the case. I have helped thousands of women in the Ontario Canada area and online around the World over the last 15+ years.
I know it can be a worrying and emotionally draining time. Breastfeeding is natural but doesn’t always come naturally and seeking help and support do not make you weak or a failure. There is always a solution. The sooner you reach out for help the quicker it is to overcome any challenges. Remember pain is not normal! Sore nipples are not normal, just like stubbing your toe on the table’s leg is not normal. Reach out, I am here for you to help you make this experience enjoyable, to get you on the road towards a wonderful, empowering, positive breastfeeding journey.

Challenges I Assist With

• latch and positioning, including baby-led, mother assisted
• breast engorgement
• sore and cracked nipples
• painful breasts
• how to avoid blocked ducts and mastitis
• baby who does not latch on
• tongue tie assessment
• concern with baby’s weight gain
• breastfeeding twins and multiples
• supplemental nursing system (SNS) or lactation aid
• how to know drinks vs. sucks and know when baby has enough

• how to pump and store breast milk
• managing overactive let down or over abundance of milk supply
• adoption and induce lactation
• re-lactation
• shared breastfeeding
• tandem breastfeeding
• breastfeeding after any kind of breast surgeries
• breastfeeding with implants
• breastfeeding and medications
• how and when to start solids
• returning to work and breastfeeding

Choose a Breastfeeding Consultation that fits you


Speak to me to discuss the package that suits you best

You will be provided with the tools, encouragement and support to develop
your own confidence in establishing a healthy mother and baby bond.

What you can expect from a session with me

I understand as a Mother myself being sleep deprived searching for answers or help at two o’clock in the morning or even afternoon you probably don’t have the energy for a long arduous journey through a wall of text. So in short here is what you can expect from a session with me. 

I charge a flat fee which allows us a relaxed atmosphere to be able to work in – no one is watching the time go by. On average sessions last from 1 – 1.5 hours depending on the baby since they can be unpredictable. During a session, detailed breastfeeding assessment will be taken which helps me understand what is going on and what needs to be addressed.  

I will be helping you with latching, positioning, I will also be showing you how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk and how to know when s/he is full or undecided. 

The session will last until the baby is full, while all your challenges have been addressed, questions answered and the right plan of action determined to overcome any and all of your difficulties. 

Now I would guess you are curious as to what my qualifications are; well to put in a short and fair way, I am a registered I.B.C.L.C and have been trusted by mothers such as yourself to help them in their breastfeeding endeavours for the last 15+ years (over 3,550 clients) helping them overcome much of the same challenges you may be facing. 

Email/Phone follow-up is always included with an in-home Lactation Consultation. If you have any questions about your plan of care or your session within 14 days from the last visit, please feel free to email or if it is an emergency call me. It is what I am here for! If you get my voicemail I am either in consultation, driving or away from my phone, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. 

When a new question or challenge arises down the road a 15 minutes Ongoing Lactation Support via phone/text/email can be purchased.  In case an in-home session is warranted or needed the cost of the Ongoing Lactation Support is applied to the in-home consultation. Ongoing Breastfeeding Support for those moments when you wish your Lactation Consultant was on Speed Dial.


Ontario Canada Breastfeeding Consultation

Where I can Travel To:

Known as the “Traveling LC”, I serve many places in Central Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area, South Simcoe County, York Region, East Dufferin, West Durham, and North Peel Region.

If distance is too great I can either come for the day or offer a 24hrs in-home support. If you are more than three hours driving distance away from the Greater Toronto Area then we can use Video Call to connect and get the support you deserve and need. Yes, I can help you even if I am not right there next to you.

Ongoing Lactation Support

15 min Breastfeeding Help on Speed Dial!

(phone or email or text) 15 minutes @ CAD$30.00

  • Purchase 1, 5 or 10 session and use it anytime during your breastfeeding journey whenever you have a question or a new challenges arises.
  • This services is for clients who already had and in-home consultation but wish to have a Lactation Consultant on speed dial.

Email/phone follow up is always included with an in-home breastfeeding consultation within 14 days of the last visit. If you have any questions about your plan of care of your visit, please contact me by email or phone. If within or after the 14 days a new question or challenge arises a 15 minutes Ongoing Lactation Support can be purchased. If an in-home visits warranted or needed the cost of the consultation (via phone/email/text) is applied to the in-home consultation.

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Read Teresa’s Story 

“Timéa was a life saver! I was overwhelmed and emotional and Timéa was very empathetic and knew exactly the right things to say and do. She responded right away to texts and phone calls and answered any questions we had. She was also available right away when we needed her to come to the house. We are so grateful that we found her and would strongly recommend her! My daughter is now 11 months, still breastfeeding and having no difficulties. Thank you Timéa for everything!”

Read Rosalee’s Story 

“Timéa helped me though a very difficult second breastfeeding experience.

It took my daughter and I weeks to get breastfeeding established, I had 3 bouts of mastitis, took 5 weeks’ worth of antibiotics, and had one very painful experience with thrush. Every time I saw Timéa, she had solid, practical, extremely knowledgeable advice to impart.

The last visit in particular was pretty much life changing – with one wise recommendation to change positioning, I went from the kind of painful breastfeeding that makes you want to give up, to enjoying every minute of feeding my baby! From there on out, everything was bliss. Timéa is an incredible resource and support. I am so grateful to her for helping me through such a challenging time in our breastfeeding relationship. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

– Rosalee LH, ON