Become an Affiliate
Become an Affiliate

Interested in partnering with Wholistic Wellness?

Be a host or help organize and bring the Breastfeeding 101, Breastfeeding 102 Workshopfor Birth Professionals to your area.
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As an affiliate you will have the benefit of attending the workshop at the discounted rate or even for free. All you need to do is register and pay for the workshop or class in full and pick a date.

Affiliate’s responsibility:

  1. Pay for the workshop in full and pick an available date.
  2. Host the workshop in their own home or assist in locating a suitable space at the Wholistic Women Wellness & Wisdom’s expenses.
  3. Spread the word about the workshop in their area through social media, Kijiji, local midwifery clinics, OB/GYN offices and other means of advertising. Approved advertising material will be provided by Wholistic Women Wellness & Wisdom
  4. Help reach the required attendees for the workshop.
  5. Recommend hotels/bed and breakfast in your area for the trainer to stay at the Wholistic Women Wellness & Wisdom’s expense.
  6. Help or arrange transportation to and from train station or airport to hotel/bed and breakfast and workshop/class location.

The affiliate’s benefits to show our appreciation:
~ For Breastfeeding 101 and 102 workshop

  1. For every registered student who attended the workshop, you will receive a $10.00 credit towards your workshop fee.
  2. If overnight accommodation is needed and you’ll host the trainer and the workshop with a minimum 10 attendees your workshop registration fee is free, and it will be reimbursed to you within 14 days after the workshop.
  3. If you refer 12 participants, your workshop fee is free
  4. If you are hosting both workshops Breastfeeding 101 and Breastfeeding 102 at the same time your workshop registration fee is free for both workshops.

Attendance requirements for Breastfeeding 101 and 102 workshop:

  1. Greater Toronto Area, Central, South-Central Ontario, Maximum 3 hrs driving distance from Innisfil, Minimum 10 participants
  2. Ontario, Canada – Minimum 12 participants
  3. Out of Province – Minimum 15 participants

Workshop minimum must be reached for the workshop to take place. It is not necessary to have all attendees ready to register when registering as an affiliate. 

If you have any question please contact us.

Become an Affiliate

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