Are you feeling exhausted, scared and unsure what to do?
Are you feeling exhausted, scared and unsure what to do?
sleep deprived mother

I know how you feel…

It is 2:30 in the morning…

You are exhausted and sleep deprived. Your baby has just woken up, and you missed the early cues so now s/he is crying and totally frustrated.

You are trying to get into a comfortable feeding position but you are in pain and discomfort from giving birth.

Nothing seems to be going right. Deep down you’re wondering if you’re a failure or incapable. It’s leaving you emotionally drained and so worried. 


Many mothers I work with fear failure in breastfeeding, and they are afraid of not connecting with their new child.


They don’t know what to do. All new mothers want to feel competent; to be a MOTHER and to feel loved, empowered, worthy. During the first couple of weeks after birth, a mother goes through a whole lot of hormonal changes, and at this time we question everything we do.

To have a positive experience means that mother and child are happy, bonded and feel loved and supported. Nothing means more to a mother than to have her child look up at her with admiration and love. Her heart swells with love and she feels worthy of that love.

Don’t worry, I’ve helped thousands of women just like you feel capable, empowered and confident. It is possible! 

With my intuitive help you will gain confidence in your role as a mother. You will feel empowered from the skills that you will learn during our visits (may that be in-person or virtual) and feel reassured and guided to achieve your own personal goals.

Read Ling’s Story 

“My husband and I cannot thank Timea enough for the kind and expert support she provided us during a very trying time in my breastfeeding journey. She responded promptly to my call for help and visited on the same day when my baby stopped latching onto my breasts.

She not only helped my baby latched on right away but also taught me the skills and gave me the confidence to help my baby latch on consistently after the initial appointment. Timea took time to answer our questions about breastfeeding, baby care, and postpartum care.

We appreciate Timea’s client-centred approach, which help us reach our personal breastfeeding goals. We recommend Timea’s service to anyone who is looking for breastfeeding support.” 

-Ling C, Thornhill, ON

What you can Expect


If you need Breastfeeding support and advice, let’s connect.

I am available on a short notice and can see a mother sometimes even on the same day when they are calling.