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Timea breastfeeding support

Hi I’m Timea

Founder of Wholistic Wellness.

I have been trusted by mothers in the central Ontario area for over 15 years. That’s roughly 3,400 mothers! I know what it’s like to have breastfeeding challenges and the importance of having the right support.


My love for breastfeeding is deeply rooted in my own experience with my four sons

Twenty five years ago I was blessed with two tiny little boys. They were born prematurely, and they were in the hospital for five weeks before we could bring them home. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed so at first, I was pumping with a hand held manual pump and would take this pumped breastmilk to the hospital two hours away every second day. When my boys were transferred closer to home I would drive to the hospital every two hours to feed them.


After a couple of days the doctor pulled me aside and said to me: “Just stay home, rest and recover, we will take care of the babies”. I was taken aback with his suggestion and went home to call their pediatrician in another hospital who happened to be Hungarian. I cried and told the pediatrician that the doctor in the hospital wouldn’t let me breastfeed my babies. Two hours later I was back to feed my boys, and the same doctor welcomed me with open arms. He directed me to a room that was reserved for me to breastfeed uninterruptedly.


Eventually, we were able to bring our sons home. I kept pumping, breastfeeding, we had to supplement with formula, and I also had to figure out how to feed them at the same time; otherwise one was crying and I would lose my milk on that side. After four and a half months, they started to refuse the breast leaving me devastated but also seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My third boy refused my milk at eight and a half months when I got very sick, and I breastfed my youngest son until he was three and a half years old.

What a journey we had! Today, I feel privileged to be called upon by mothers of all walks of life to help them with their breastfeeding journey.

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Why Hire Me?

I am a travelling Lactation Consultant and, throughout my career, have seen (and successfully helped) over 3,200 mothers who were in pain, experienced a low milk supply, had a fussy baby or faced other challenges. Often times, these mothers were already seen by a nurse; another lactation consultant or practitioner and their challenges are still there or have gotten worse.
  • I am a certified specialist with many years of expertise, knowledge and skills to help in any challenges.
  • I come to YOU, to your home. This alone is a wonderful thing especially for brand new mothers who just had a Caesarean birth or a traumatic birth, and they are in pain and wish not to travel. Having a home visit in the mother’s own environment can make a huge difference as she is using her own chair, her own pillow and she is not exposing herself or her baby to germs by visiting clinics or hospitals. She is also the most comfortable at home.
  • Short Notice Bookings: I am available on a short notice and can see a mother sometimes even on the same day when they are calling.
  • Proven Techniques: I teach a kind of latch and positioning that can make an immediate difference in pain, discomfort or milk transfer.
  • I have worked in a clinic setting for 6 years (2003-2009) as well.
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How to Connect with me?

I am known as the “Traveling LC”. I travel to many places in Central Ontario. If distance is too great, we can use Skype to connect and provide the support mothers need and deserve.

I serve the Greater Toronto Area, South Simcoe County, York Region, East Dufferin, West Durham, and North Peel Regions and many others internationally via Skype/Facetime consultation.

Please don’t hesitate to message me for support, if you live outside of these areas. I might be able to come for the day to help you or if you are too far than we can connect through Skype/Facetime. YES, I can help you even if I am not right there next to you.

Most mothers prefer email contact due to rest or baby napping/feeding.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant residing in Central Ontario with my four boys, a dog, two cats, a budgie, two zebra finches and a bearded dragon. As part of my commitment to excellence and in keeping the requirement of continuing education, I continually takes courses and workshops to deepen my knowledge and skills in a variety of different modalities that will benefit individual clients.

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What else can I do for you?

As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1), I am using the cutting-edge techniques of world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner and certified Neuromuscular Therapist Paul Chek; founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, CA. Chek, a sought-after teacher and speaker, has had unparalleled success using his holistic approach in rehabilitation and conditioning for over 18 years.

To become a CHEK HLC, I have attended the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Advanced Training Program. This program combines an intensive study of the relationship between food and lifestyle habits and the tools to recognize and create individualized eating plans to improve their client’s health and overall wellness. In addition, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach understands the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving the health of their clients and learn practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes.